Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just to catch up....

So I just got back into Thailand from Cambodia.... which is why i haven't posted in a while. Ends up that Cambodia is not a telecommunications mecca. Anyways, everything has kinda been a whirlwind. Covered 3 countries in 2 weeks and it kinda feels like we are on "The Amazing Race".... and i mean literally. Yesterday we were in Angkor Wat (more of that story later... it is AMAZING... you should look up pictures... seriously a Wonder of the Ancient world--- i thought better than the stuff i saw in Rome) The Amazing Race was filming at Angkor the same day we were there. AND THEN... we end up at the airport to fly to Bangkok from Cambodia... and who was on our airplane.... thats right.... 3 teams competing on the next season of the Amazing Race. We are sitting there and then all the sudden all these camera and sound guys are filming everything. And the producer guy was sitting in the seat right behind me and vida. CRAZY!! So now we consider ourselves official unofficial cast members. And before all this started I was telling vida that i thought it felt like we were on the amazing race.

Jami: I miss you lots baby!! Cant wait to hug and kiss you. Hope you are having fun in Greece and i cant wait to see pictures
Faith: We are being semi-careful... as careful as you can be in SE Asia. But having a blast. Tonight we take an overnight freighter boat to the islands.... we have to go to the other coast of Thailand because the Cyclone is headed right for where we wanted to go... will try to get there later this week
Dad: Glad to hear your leg is healing.... but more excited to hear from you! Glad you figured out the blog stuff. Cant wait to see you at graduation. I was just thinking about Granny Liz and wishing that she could be there for my graduation
Sharon: Happy Late Birthday... I didn't forget but Internet in Cambodia is ghetto
Mom and Randy: This comment would have been for you two if you had posted more on my blog. But i miss you guys all the same.
Haley: You would have loved the elephants.... that was all i thought about while i was washing them. A baby one even gave me a big kiss on my cheek.
Cooper: I bet you are walking everywhere now and I hope you will be saying "Uncle Dustin" by the time I get home... tell your mom to help you start practicing
Tammie: This trip totally reminds me of mom and dad when they were younger... except i don't think that i will get in as much trouble as they would have.. but have lots and lots of pics. Now if i could just figure out how the hell to get them on the blog that would be gggrreaaat.
Bubba: Glad to hear Luke is doing good.... i bet he is getting super fat. And he is just on loan to you... remember that i get him back
Gma and Gpa: I miss you guys lots and thanks for helping brother dog sit/ get my dog fat.
Deb: Thanks again for all your help with everything!! Any legal special requests from my trip?? I am still so excited about my house... i keep looking at the pictures on my camera. Cant wait to see you at graduation.
Shawna: Wow!! Its great to hear from you and glad you are liking my blog. I guess you are maybe a Jr or Sr. by now. Hope life is well and stay in touch.
Rev. John Bonner: Yes Johnny B, Laos was made for you. I think if you went you would never make it home.


Faith said...

Ahh, the comments made me cry (I'm sitting at my desk with tears streaming down my cheeks) - guess I am just so happy to hear from you. Man, Indiana is going to be tough for me!! Glad you are having fun. I can't wait 'til Haley sees pics of you with the elephants...and yes, Coop is walking like you would not believe - my baby is growing up too fast!! He's not saying Uncle Dust yet, ball seems to be his favorite word (next to Ma Ma, (ahhh!!) of course!!) Love you & miss you lots!

Sharon said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Dust! The elephant stories made me cry. Maybe we need to make Brazos Point a refuge for mistreated elephants. Take care of yourself!

shawna said...

Well only a somphomore but close. i justt got my licences!! i am so excited. i am so glad to hear that your having an amazing time over there. send me pics when you got a chance. hope to see you this summer when i come back down to texas.
love you

Faith said...

Hey there... Love the blog. Please take this as my official request that we need to apply to The Amazing Race. I love that damn show....and since you have been to half of the place they seem to go to we might be shoe in's. Not sure they have ever had brother-in-laws as a team.

Can't wait to see your pictures when you get back.


Dustin said...

Sharon: Your welcome for the birthday wish... I hope Dad got you lots of nice stuff now that you are having to run the cow operation. Take care of the old man for me.

Shawna: A SOPHOMORE!!! Whooo.... well i am glad to hear it because that makes me feel younger than jr or sr. And a car.... good lord... your mom must be going crazy now that you are all grown up. Would love to see you in Texas this summer... but i am guessing Dad told you that i am heading to Indiana soon.

Colt: I am totally down for it. But i think i will need a long recovery period from this trip before i am ready for a place with this many Asians (no offense but I am just a little more use to hispanics and mexican food). I have already been brainstorming some incredible freaking application video ideas.

Dustin said...

Sharon: And you totally need to buy the Amy Whinehouse "Back to Black" album... it is freaking awesome and you will love it!